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Billy broke down the dingy apartment door with the massive force of his steel toed boot. The night as an angry beast that swallowed the entire complex as well as everything else around it in total darkness. This city like most patriarichal cities didn't see fit to put protective security lights in this part of town. They hoped that the dregs born to the night would kill off the other dregs with out the whatchful eyes of a civilized audience. Hells grow in the dark and Billy Purgatory always found himself close to these various hells and various degrees of darkness. He is comforted by places where no light is found.

The door swung open wide and violent. It was obvious that Billy missed the bulk of the madness that had just taken place. The bed in the dismal flat was still on fire when he sat down on it. His board was by his side and he made sure it would not be burned by a fire that he didn't create. He set it down beside him on the part of the big brass bed that refused to give itself over to the flames.

Billy counted on his pale left hand four dead women that were dressed in a melting, Celtic, black regalia. They lay there lifeless on the floor chained together. No blood was left in them. It had all been burned out. They were charred to the bone in a strange but somewhat familiar floral configuration that caused his mind to remember a time that he had almost forgotten. These ashes these remains danced inside of a gasoline prism that formed itself into a thanic shape of indelible dancing plasma. This image was now stretched permanent over his mind forever. It brought him back to a dream that was all but frozen until now. The fire woke it up. The fires wake everything up. It was a dream that The Devil Bird brought back to him. A dream that he recalled with perfect recollection.

(The dream explained)

Billy knew now what he must do and he would swing his board with all his might; with his board he would attempt to kill destiny because destiny always needs a good pounding and destiny is always something worth killing. The time has come for bitter things.

He couldn't shake the images or the dream. He couldn't push it out. It was an image he would never forget. Purgatory had seen thousands of these end of life images in dreams and in waking life over the years but this one carried such an electrically emotional charge that he held on to it tightly.

This monster of a scene had a fresh bundle of black orchids that fashioned itself into a tight calculated circle while fire danced evil around inside of it laughing. The flames around the burning bodies where blue and haunting and reminded Billy of the Devil Bird's words.

"The kills will be seen. The girl, Siren, is chosen. help her you must before all chrome is frozen.", The Devil Bird spoke in a scream just before he woke up back home with his Pop.

Skeleton keys were strewn about the room creating a maze that lead to the genie spirits of the damned that were left behind. If there was such a thing as the damned. Billy didn't believe in damnation or redemption. He simply had no time for such thoughts. This mess however was beyond cursed.

That is when his gaze rested on her. There was a fifth female in the room and she was still alive. She was young, pre-teen and looked at first glance to be mortally wounded. Her right leg was completely gone and she had lost a tremendous amount of blood. With out thinking Billy gathered linens that were scattered about the room and fashioned a tounequette above the severed limb to halt the bleeding. The girl was unconscious and would remain so for many hours.

This was indeed a hell room if there was such a thing or place as hell. Billy felt at home when he thought of Pop and when he thought of The Bird. He hated thinking about that damned Bird then he found himself doing exactly what he did not wat to do . He tied Siren up so she would't pass into a young death.

In a sudden pulse he heard a disembodied voice that was familiar.

"Hell is here Billy and it is at its finest friend. All the this other white noise on the outside it is just an illusion. Kill the girl now. She is near dead anyway. If you don't kill her now then you will one day regret it"

The voice was indeed that of the Devil Bird.(continuity problem)

Billy looked down at the girl's near lifeless body and then listened to the words of the Devil Bird repeat themselves over and over again in his head. He grabbed his skateboard and raised it high above his head and prepared himself to deliver a single fatal blow to her head heeding the words of the Devil Bird but before he could accomplish her demise a child emerged from the darkness surrounded in blue smoke from the back of the flat.

She spoke softly...

"Come Billy let us play follow the leader down into the screams..".

She was frail looking with white pail flaky skin that looked like immortal scales that morphed as she walked. She stood erect at five feet eleven inches and smelled of ginger and lilac. Despite her apparent hieght it was obvious that she was a child. She wouldn't let me get closer than arms length to her. This was not out of fear but by design. Billy had seen this kind of behavior in his military training. It was methodical and had a standard cadence that he had seen countless times before in combat training when he was in the service. This code was engrained in her. It was wrote and routine to a point that even her muscle memory obeyed each step of the process. Her movements were that of a mechanized machine. Who at seven years of age had this intricate of a protocol mastered?

"Keep your distance and I will be a guide to you. I will take you to the Cyborg King Billy Purgatory. I will take you to their city so you can get her a new right leg so she can live.", she commanded.

As she spoke to him he tried to figure out how she knew his name and what he was looking for.

"Cyborg who lady...uh kid...uh whoever you are", said Billy as he glared through her.

"If you want to save Siren you will follow me and do exactly as I say. I will not harm you and I will not slay you although I have the power to do so. My Countless name is Fury. Phillip has instructed me to help you save Siren and it is precisely this that I will do. Beyond this I will do nothing more.", stated Fury with an air of agitation.

"Fuck Phillip Solomon, Fuck some legless bitch I don't even know, and fuck you. I'm outta here. Good luck you damned ghost hack or whatever you are.", Billy snatched up his skateboard and attempted to turn away but the indellible death image of the burning women and Siren laying there dieing made him stay his action long enough to reconsider.

"Alright, Alright...I'll come with you but I still say fuck Phillip Solomon."

They began to walk at a measured pace through catacombs that were laden with the dead that had long lain on top of other countless and ancient dead. Their positions cried that things had been handled this way for mellenia. Some of the faces and limbs screamed that they were born dead and walked through a half waking life only to die a shadow death here filled up with countless unanimated colorless dreams. The bodies were piled high. Stacked in stench further than the human eye could see vertically.


A voice echoed through the corridors of darkness...It was faint at first but grew closer and bolder with each new heavy step that they took toward the cyborg lair.

"Certainly Stab you must to get through this mess of bones. These Crag bones. Stag bones. Dry bones, and these new wet muscled fresh bones." Her voice was still soft but authoritative.

"Who are these dead?" Billy asked Fury as they continued to walk.

...and who are you?"

"I am Fury I am only here to repay a debt that I owe to Solomon United. Solomon wants Siren alive and what Solomon wants, Solomon gets.", stated Fury.

"So why doesn't he get his own lazy ass down here and save her himself?", exclaimed Billy.

"If you ever owe Phillip Solomon something you will pay him back at some point in time. As far as these dead on either side of us they are known as The Countless. They are every soul that has ever lived or ever will live. Past, present, and future. Inhabitants of Earth and those other than Earth. These are The Countless and I am one of them. I am Fury."

The halls of the dead finally came to a close and the terrain became sterile and metallic and silent. Each new step took them across a path that was mirror like and polished to a point that it reflected the geometric shapes and angles around it. Light was present but it was muted reds and blues, greys,and blacks. Cyborg City had no sun they shot it out of te sky with nuclear weapons long ago. They rather enjoyed creating their own life and thir own light. Everything appeared sleek in the darkness and threatning. Fury lead Billy to a high hill that over looked the city. It had the energy of a necropolis, a city devoid of life and it truely was for only cyborgs, robotics, gynoids, and any other sort of lifelss electronic being was allowed to seek charter to domicile here. All others, except for the ghosts that their sensors couldn't capture, were killed on spot with out question. They had no embassies, no ambassadors to the outside, and no lack of mortal weaponry for the soul purpose of tearing apart flesh of all grades.

None of this concerned Billy if they got in his way they would only be good for bicycle parts when he was finished with them.

They reached the top of a high hill and Fury pointed directly south to the center of the city where the red lights glowed the brightest and cast a hologram upwards into the sky. The hologram was red and blue and spherical in shape with an ornate crown on its head. It was in the form of a face with no body and its face was cast in the four directions of the city like eight all seeing eyes. That short glimpse was all Billy saw of the Cyborg King before he and Fury were attacked by a patrol of gynbots.

There were a band of eighteen bots that attacked Fury and Purgatory. With board in hand and calloused rage flying in the air around Billy he let loose major pain on these metallic bots, bitches, and bandits. Oils and lubricants of various sorts flew into the air from the assault of his board. He killed them all in a matter of half an hour. Now it was time for he and Fury to sift through the rubble to see if there was a leg worth salvaging for Siren.

They found the leg that they believed would be a good match and began the trek back to the apartment where Siren was to attach it. They made haste back throug the metalic terrain and went unnoticed. The catacombs where still ominous, haunting, and countless but they raced back through these and finally made it back to where Siren lay. She was still alive and still unconcious. Her temperature had dropped dramatically du to the loss of blood but in reality the Tounequette the Billy administered had saved her life.

While she remained unconcious Billy attached the cybernetic leg and laid her down in a bed toward the back of the apartment so she could recover and hopefully regain consciousness soon.

Billy surveyed the apartment again and noticed that one of the four women that had burned was now gone. Only three remained. The fires had finally gone out and Fury was also gone. She left no trace and said no good bye.

(The woman that left/escaped was Siren and Fury's mother "Sintrach" not to be written here)

Siren awoke in a panick an her right leg was not there. A metallic protheses was in its place. She mentally commanded it to move and it moved. It was light and dextrous and comfortable in a strange nostalgic way.

Billy was aware of her arousal from sleep because he had been watching her from the darkness for several hours.

She spoke harshly to him...

"Keep your distance "Countless" or whoever you are I will make your blood run cold before its ripe."

"You will make nothing run. I saved you from a certain death so show some fucking gratitude.",

"I suppose it does not matter to you or are you even aware that my four mothers hacked off my leg."

"I stole the current leg you now have from the cyborgs in the upper chasm and did the implant job myself while you where unconcious and about to die. It was a bloody mess."

"My name is Siren."

At that moment by design Phillip Solomon came from the realms of outer darkness and appeared directly behind Billy Purgatory. Phillip carefully removed his third rib from his lower right side leaving a hole that he covered with an ornate black symboled cloth. He removed from his person the fabled Soliton itself. This is the kill weapon that you will STAB the very universe itself with in the future Siren. The Universe will attempt to scream and convulse yet you do not want your victim to scream. This breath blade will pierce its right lung first and then all of the old gods will fall mute to extinction. They will be unable to utter a further sound. Their powers will lay impotent inside of a frozen dead upper chamber and ultimately forgotten. When the time comes you will remember and know how to breathe The Soliton into this Artificial Universe adminstering to it its mortal blow.

This is your first, last, and most powerful weapon. House it in your new cybortronic leg. Upgrade your body as often and agressively as you can remembering that humanity hates and will always hate you Siren.

Do not kill the girl, Fury, she is and will remain important.

Siren took The Soliton Solomon and embedded it into her new cybertronic leg as he instructed...(include where Soliton came from and how it makes her Siren of Chrome)

Billy and Siren walked into a deep red volcanic light.

Siren whispered back to the bloodless man as a hungry dense iron machine hoisted his freshly perished body to an ever growing and hidden funeral pyre."

"My name is Siren."

Billy and Siren were twelve years old...


(Just when he thought that he would not be able to salvage a single piece of information that would lead him to the Cyborg King because of the degree of damage that was attached to the materials because of the fire.)

when Billy returns to the apartment one of the women is gone...Siren's mother but he does not tell her until later if ever...

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I threw the keys down...they set fire to themselves...

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Dance with me black through this murder of hj

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Fall on me Tuesday. Take me down to the place we use to go. Take me down to where the gardner danced and grew those little tight berries that burst when the sun turned its back on the day. What was his name again? I was a boy then. It was only then that I had an end...hj
There is a little robe and a casket that I found in the land of Sam. He walked with me down the mountain he called ever Susan. He stuck it twice with his hand. Oh the mountain it cried and it followed but it never called him by name. We rested softly by the sand but never returned to the land of Sam...h

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Wars are gonna breathe tghrough me and you will be no more...